Noteworthy Samples

  • Tracking Shots

    Tracking Shots

    Often asked if tracking a vehicle is possible. Why yes it is and here are some raw footage examples.

  • Steamboat Springs

    Steamboat Springs

    Mini ponies, ice fountain, lanterns, skiers, snowboards and halfpipes on a brisk -4 degree morning.

  • Lighthouse Beauty

    Lighthouse Beauty

    One of the most popular videos from early 2013 prior to gimbals and 4k cameras now used.

  • Highlining Sahalie

    Highlining Sahalie

    One more goodie from 2013 with friends challenging themselves 92′ over the McKenzie River.

  • Beautiful Life

    Beautiful Life

    Client: Resort at Port Ludlow

    Upbeat toe tapper that will make you want to grab your friends, shoes and clubs.

  • Finnriver


    Client: Resort at Port Ludlow

    Is there anything better than picking up food and drinks at the farm for a farm to table dinner?

  • Make It Last

    Make It Last

    Client: Resort at Port Ludlow

    Love between an elderly couple rowing, golf, farm tours and five star dining, quite enjoyed.

  • Forest Townhomes

    Forest Townhomes

    Client: Eagle Crest Resort

    Two and three bedroom townhomes with biking, horses, swimming, golf and more.